The long, cold winters and hot, humid summers here in Ottawa can really take a toll on exterior surfaces like siding, window frames, garage doors, and decks, leading to premature wear and expensive repair bills. Whether you'd like your window frames touched up, your garage door re-painted, or you'd like to give your entire home a makeover, we're here to help. Just imagine how your house will look with a nice fresh coat of paint!

Our team of skilled, uniformed painters have experience in painting all types of outside surfaces, including stucco, brick, concrete, wood, and more. We can re-paint your window frames, stain your solid wood deck, or give your entire home a complete makeover in no time!

Before we begin painting, We'll carefully clean the surfaces with our pressure washers to ensure the paint adheres well, scrap of loose paint and We'll protect your hedges, gardens, and vehicles while we work with drop cloths. We'll work quickly and efficiently, just like with our interior painting services, and once we're done, you'll be amazed at what a difference a day   can make!

Service 1

Brick & Concrete painting

Want to protect your home from the harsh outdoor elements? We can bring new life to any surface, from brick walls to concrete patios to brighten your beautiful curb appeal!

Service 2

Stucco & Siding painting

Has your stucco or siding started cracking, discoloring, wearing down or requires that you perform more maintenance on it to make sure that it continues to look beautiful throughout the years? This service is for you!

Service 3

Deck staining & painting 

Has your deck become old and neglected, needing some TLC? Or is it beginning to show some wear and tear, and just needs a little boost to become beautiful again? Either way, our deck service is for you!

Service 4

Metal or wood fence painting

Don’t let a rusty, dull or worn-out fence get you down! Protect your home investment and enhance its appearence with a professionally painted or stained fence!